Aug 8, 2010

One pink day have pink cute things

I tooked those pics when I were in my granmother place. That nail color is so cute and everything.
My big sister did send that pink cookie-hoodie to my when it was my brithday (March) (she lives in London frist au pair then some job and then au pair again) and frist time when i saw it i just falled in love that hoodie is so supercute♥. Yeah that t-shirt is just my nightshirt (sweetheart). I love those roses and every roses, them are so beautiful.

In the evening (when i were with my granma) we (I, my little sister, my aunt and her husband) went to get hampurgers (take away). There is no hampurger restaurant, only ABC, but it have great hampurgers too. (My aunt likes it even more than mcdonalts)

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