Aug 29, 2010

How did you find me, were did you read my story

Those pastils are so good and cute, tste like rapberry bouts. I watched Inception 2.8, Leonardo is the best actor ever, I really mis Titanic, I wana watch it again (I watched it last weekend). I boughy two hats tree weeks ago, I haven't use the black one yet, I will use it later. Those shoes cost only 9,95e, so sheap, I thougt that I will  buy the black ones, but when I saw thise, wich were half sheaper than blacks, I had second thougts. I really don't need stickers, but those Paris stickers were so cute that I had to bought them.

Aug 20, 2010

I want you more than anything

That President cheese is my love, it is so good and i have it now, but it's light (not at pics) and it's not the same. I bought those hair bobbles only coz of color it is so pretty.

And in those last pics is my paintig wich i painted on summer vacasion. I wanted paint that pic from one magazine (you can see it in 5th pic). It is not just like in the original pic,but i like it that way, that makes it more like mine. I loved pait her hair and lips coz of the color and eyelashes, wonderful. Now I think I wana paint more that kinda paintings. Painting that did take only four or five days, yeah but one day I started 12.00 and ended 19.00 ofc with little breaks.

And this song is one of my favorites, so amazing:
James Morrison ft. Nelly Furtano- Broken strings

Aug 13, 2010

Doing all I can do just to be close to you


First pics have been taken on track and under the bridge wich were close to that track (close to my granmom's house)

I was with my aunt (Tampere) by couple days and we went to Särkänniemi and I never ever haven't dare to go those scary amusement park rides wich get you upside down until now I went to Trombi and I liked it. It wasn't scary at all.

We went to Ideapark too but coz there weren't zara I didn't find anything, sad but true, I saw one cute jacked and red headband but I didin't bouhgt those, I even don't know why.

Aug 8, 2010

One pink day have pink cute things

I tooked those pics when I were in my granmother place. That nail color is so cute and everything.
My big sister did send that pink cookie-hoodie to my when it was my brithday (March) (she lives in London frist au pair then some job and then au pair again) and frist time when i saw it i just falled in love that hoodie is so supercute♥. Yeah that t-shirt is just my nightshirt (sweetheart). I love those roses and every roses, them are so beautiful.

In the evening (when i were with my granma) we (I, my little sister, my aunt and her husband) went to get hampurgers (take away). There is no hampurger restaurant, only ABC, but it have great hampurgers too. (My aunt likes it even more than mcdonalts)

Aug 7, 2010

wherever they dance, wherever they sing it is not the place where they suppose to be


I love cheese that brie-cheese is sooo good and it have supercute packing, eiffel♥ and that other cheese: president, i have never ate better chees than that.
And that limonade have cute bottle and it is super good too.
I ate hamburger too and i did watch one of my favorite serie.