Jun 18, 2011


I really love those golden earrings, they are big and just kinda lovely. I'd like to wear them all the time. I have to say I love movies. I have always loved and i and i always will. Movies are great stories, i think they are even better than books. I'm not good reader i just finished book that ihad stared in september, so... Even thought it was a really good book.
 But in movies there is everything: the texs, storie, pics, people, music, voices, apartments, streets, nights, rain, love, hate, feelings, clothes, lips, backs, legs, arms, pillows, sky, food and just everything. In future i'd like to make movies write them and direct them, choose the music, clothes, place and everythig.

Jun 17, 2011


That Starbucks mocha latte chocolate -coffee is pretty daam' good. It smells soooo good. It is really shame that we don't have starbucks here in Finland. Those pink cute sweets are raspberry boats, those are so sweet and tasty! That drawing is a pic that i drew about month ago, she is brigitte bardot in that pic. And there is my sweethearts: really lovely Jazz-shoes, i absolutely love them.

Jun 15, 2011

Ain't no sunshine

These gorgeous heels are from halens. These are beautiful and perfect. I just love them.

Just kinda these shoes i have wanted so long, from ellos.

I allready have pink skirt BUT this one haves it all what i love about pink skirts. This is from ellos.

Pink trench coat, it have been apsolutely misarable without u, nor did i never own u. This darling is from ellos.
These shorts consist it all what i want from shorts: ruffle, cute color and little. From forever21.
Salmon Ballet Pumps
These ballet pumps are just like they were from real ballet dancer's wardrobe. Love it. These sweeties are from topshop for ONLY 16 pounds!

So these things are the things which i wanna have and i'm going to buy. Ah so pink.

I'm sorry i haven't been posting in so long time. It just because i have moved an stuff. BUT NOW i promes i will post soon again. Just right away when i'm gonna download my pics at my brand new laptop! (And i have maaany pics so it is gonna happen soon and often.) But now i'm going to s...lee...p.................