Jun 26, 2010

She drink much coca cola and seh love her all clothes

 I really would like to have more dresses, like those
Spot Bubble Sleeve Dress - View All - Dresses - Topshop
Floral Sun Dress by Rare** - View All - Dresses - Topshop
Butterfly Corset Dress Love** - View All - Dresses - Topshop (1)this spotted dress is 45 pounds
(2)this little floral dress is 32 pounds
(3)this over cute butterfly-dress is 38 pounds
I'm sorry that i havent post, but i'm in my granmom's place, and my aunt have computer but i can't put my picks on this, so.
 I have also falled in love with knee socks, look at those can you say no to those, well i can't
Print Lace Stocking - Knee High Socks - Tights & Socks - Topshop
Lace Over The Knee Socks - Knee High Socks - Tights & Socks - Topshop

Jun 13, 2010

this is two mounts or more old post, whwt i did forget and this really isn't my style anymore...

Loin asuni blair-kuvan pohjata
-helmet aprimrk, Lontoo
-panta bijou brigitte (en oo varma kirjotetaanko se noin)
-sukkikset hm
-paita object

Shadow? What fucking shadow?

Some picks of my salad, make up box and my vet hairs

That boy is just that kind of boy

Some random picks of my room:

(1) I tested my lipstick on this paper
(2) I reserved from Yves Rocher this body scrub and body lotion wich bronze little bit
(3) I just love fashion magazinez, those picks and everything!
(4) ja (5) I found this little ceramic mouse from my container, but sadly it just doesn't have nose our tail
(6) I love this grey vest, wich i bought from london
(7) I made this ceramic parfym bottle at school
(10) I also love this heels, wich i also bought from london
(11) And this eiffel tower necklace, i love it too

Jun 4, 2010

Amour, Amor, Amore

Tänään ois ollu karnevaali päivä, mutta kun ei tuu poissa oloa, niin jäin kotiin nukkuu.
Mulla on tossa vikassa kuvassa päällä sellanen siisti objectin liivi ja vaaleenpunanen mekko jossa on ylhäällä mustaa pitsiä.

Jun 1, 2010

My bag

Xpress your style

osallistuin libresse kisaan