Jun 26, 2010

She drink much coca cola and seh love her all clothes

 I really would like to have more dresses, like those
Spot Bubble Sleeve Dress - View All - Dresses - Topshop
Floral Sun Dress by Rare** - View All - Dresses - Topshop
Butterfly Corset Dress Love** - View All - Dresses - Topshop (1)this spotted dress is 45 pounds
(2)this little floral dress is 32 pounds
(3)this over cute butterfly-dress is 38 pounds
I'm sorry that i havent post, but i'm in my granmom's place, and my aunt have computer but i can't put my picks on this, so.
 I have also falled in love with knee socks, look at those can you say no to those, well i can't
Print Lace Stocking - Knee High Socks - Tights & Socks - Topshop
Lace Over The Knee Socks - Knee High Socks - Tights & Socks - Topshop

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Haidi said...

mä taidan rakastaa samoja juttuja ku sä ;) ranska on kiva :)