Aug 20, 2010

I want you more than anything

That President cheese is my love, it is so good and i have it now, but it's light (not at pics) and it's not the same. I bought those hair bobbles only coz of color it is so pretty.

And in those last pics is my paintig wich i painted on summer vacasion. I wanted paint that pic from one magazine (you can see it in 5th pic). It is not just like in the original pic,but i like it that way, that makes it more like mine. I loved pait her hair and lips coz of the color and eyelashes, wonderful. Now I think I wana paint more that kinda paintings. Painting that did take only four or five days, yeah but one day I started 12.00 and ended 19.00 ofc with little breaks.

And this song is one of my favorites, so amazing:
James Morrison ft. Nelly Furtano- Broken strings

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