Jul 30, 2011


      This is as easter-pastry which my mom bought me as an suprise. It's cute and tasty.

    I made this little book because i wanted a book in which i can write someting what will came me mind while im sleeping and songs that came from radio and i wanna remember them and at mornings ofcourse all the dreams that i saw at night.

    I put clitter in my eyes and lips and now it's everywere.

    These pieces of Alexander's pastry are bought by my mome. Those are so cute and little. It's fun to eat those. And ofcourse as the entire Alexander's pastry these aro really delicious.

I were couple weeks at my granmom's and i didn't have that much time to post and there's only one computer that i use barely and it didn't have my pics. Sorry.

Today i was going to head to beach and we bought some food. We were on a way with our bikes. It was little bit windy and it looked like it was going to rain so we thougt should we go to beach when it might rain.

We were just standing there with our bikes and thinking what should we do. Then we decided to go home and eat our food there. And then it started to rain and it was really pouring rain. We got so wet that it looked really like we had just came from swimming. My shoes were as wet as two gigantic lakes.

I also went town and bought really cute and simple blue dress from zara and pink blazer-coat from hm. Pics coming asap.

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