Nov 5, 2010

Hello world hope you're listening, forgive me if i'm young, for speaking out of turn, there's someone i've been missing

I bought those white boxes from ikea, those are so pretty and nostalgic.
And here's my calender, there's marianne candy at the background.
Ben&Jerry makes sooo good icecream, i just love it and little box is also cheap, only 2,4 e. That brownie taste is good, i really don't like so much about chocolate icecream, but this is good.
I love that le bon brie cheese, i almost ate the whole box of that.

I wana buy red dress with heart neck from hm and soft cardigan also from hm and wanw buy little black dress,i already have two but i wana that little black dress, like Audrey  Hepburn wore in film call by Breakfast at Tiffany's. I also wana buy many, many shoes.

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