Sep 18, 2010


Things which make me happy:
diamonds in her veinsMotivation and Inspirationmy pony does LSDfood and decor..Rancho Santa Fe Farmers Market | Flickr - Photo Sharing!the bedroom -02/11/10 on Flickr - Photo Sharing! my tears feel like raindrops through the mudMiss Juney (:Miss Juney (:leather and goldart by rizzypearlsandtea: Kitties.MICKEY AND MINNIELets fuck in the toilet.Lets fuck in the toilet.

Clothes I wanted to dress:
lauren alice in wonderlanddaydreamlily: loveliness:enfanterrible on vi.sualize.usleather and goldTumblrleather and goldLiving in HellSalma Prihandani - Page 1 of 2ммм... тейсти – прямой эфир как он естьnever look backGiacca rossa | Le Blog de BettyInhaling all these memories.Inhaling all these memories.fuckyeahshortshortsTumblrattracted to chaos and rage.Tumblr

Hairs to die for:
R O M A N T I C6igella: так что сейчас я какой-то такойDont go wasting your emotionsTumblrCaleidoscopio.Likes | TumblrInhaling all these memories.Postcards From Far Awaywhen the sun goes downCaleidoscopio.a girl with kaleidoscope eyes .Whaleurse(1) TumblrDo you have a light?

The place I wanted to live in:
lavender table | Flickr - Photo Sharing!shine onGoogle Reader (547)Untitled | Flickr - Photo Sharing!Tumblrpink neon candy shop en Flickr: Heartbeatoztori hottingerMira @ TumblrJust a sad songinspireLikes | Tumblrles temps sont durs pour les rêveurs.She said, "Nobody here can live forever, quiet in the grasp of dusk and summer." | Flickr - Photo Sharing!la mia passione e lamorePorcelain Clouds™hot love pumpin in my veinsGirls just wanna have fun!!

Things I wanted to have:
The Princess BlogTumblrmilkteefTube of 8 pencils with love themeISABELLE STRÖMBERG - imagination is what we want, but the reality is that we mayInhaling all these memories.suicidally beautiful.suicidally beautiful.Inhaling all these memories.The Princess Blogleather and goldDancing With Myself12724645719872Things That InspireCétait salement romantique.Cétait salement romantique.a crippling blowPinglans PLisas factory♡528491528491


Anonymous said...

oi miten kauniita kuvia ♥

S said...

kiitti, kaikki we♥it :stä